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Our Story

Gary and Elaine Montague, a team for sixty years, share this personal story to show why there is no giving up!


  • Our theme:  Persevere with integrity whatever the challenge.

  • Why tell? You will know there are degrees of blindness and understand more about the challenges of low vision, sometimes called partial sight

  • Why now? You will know that those with very poor or no vision are able to participate fully in life and you will not have the misconceptions believed by many

  • What else? Celebrate the human spirit with this true story of love by authors who understand how hard it is to be a child who needs educational modifications

Gary has coped with low vision since birth and knows the...

  • Heartache of separation from family and frustration of difficult challenges

  • Importance of personal faith and joy of achievement in academics and career

  • Warmth of kindness and the relief of hard work

Gary and Elaine’s professional lives:

  • Gary, Sandia National Laboratories, 32 years, in the areas of education, training, and safety engineering. He also instructed those for whom English was their second language.

  • Elaine, Albuquerque Public Schools, 31 years, teacher training in computer applications and implementation of innovative programs in special and regular education classrooms K-12, architecture for elementary grades, and known as The Egg Drop Lady.


Gary Ted Montague, BA Secondary Education

Interests: music and mysteries.

Elaine Carson Montague, BS Elementary Education

MS Special Education, EdS Educational Administration

Interests: paper crafts, writing, and travel

Alaska (2).JPG

Gary and Elaine smile through the center of a life ring while sailing.

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