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Me? Write a Book? By Gary

The hardest part for me was giving up privacy, but I found by providing information about my past so others could understand led me to bond with readers who faced similar trials. We can all feel part of a group and empathize with one another by understanding a little about human nature. Telling Elaine my private thoughts and sharing sensitive parts of my experiences was a struggle, especially for the first two years. I did not want to write a book; my wife did, and I was her favorite subject. I was afraid I might not remember incidents which had brought me to feel personal worth and courage. Talking of situations which had affected me very much in the past but no longer do, I realized they lost importance as I grew up.

I wrote the book to let the world see that people with visual impairment can accomplish far more than most people expect. This article is to encourage members to read and tell others about Victory from the Shadows and to strive to do the best they can in all projects they tackle.

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Me? Write a Book? By Gary

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Me? Write a Book? By Gary

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